"Progress - Potential - Plans": HYDRO 2009 Conference

The Hydro Conferences typically bring together delegations from more than 70 countries. The majority of delegates represent owners and operators; others are consulting engineers, financial institutions, contractors, researchers, equipment suppliers, and various specialists involved in the planning process. There is thus a constructive exchange of experience between countries at various stages in their hydropower development programmes.

Plenary sessions feature keynote addresses and country reports; there are then several parallel tracks of sessions.

CTSpace will give an oral presentation during the 21st session of the Conference “Civil works - Design and Construction Innovation” (starts at 8:30am on the 28th of October)

During its presentation, CTSpace's energy expert will explain how and why the control of all documents produced and information exchanged during the global project cycle is the first criteria leading to success. Hence he will explain how Engineering document management and project collaboration solutions contribute to efficient hydropower projects implementation and reduction in construction time, with specific project examples.

When: 8:30am - October 28, 2009
Where: Lyon Congress Center (50 Quai Charles de Gaulle, 69463 Lyon Cedex 06, France - Phone: + 33 4 72 82 27 83)

For further details, please get in touch directly with us, or consult the HYDRO 2009 programme on HydroPower & Dams website