CTSpace will be attending the Oil&Gas Technology Forum held at Amsterdam from Wednesday 13 to Friday 15 April 2011. Tim Fleet, CTSpace’s VP Product Director, will be presenting the Fusion Solution and the specific benefits to the Oil & Gas Industry.

CTSpace session
Fri 15 April, 11.15am

Reducing the costs & risks of managing technical content in the design-build-operation of assets related to the Oil & Gas Industry

 Engineering Document Control
 Project and Program Collaboration Management
 Reducing Risk & ensuring Compliance
 Specialist Energy industries asset management solutions

Tim Fleet, VP Product Management, SWORD CTSpace

About OGTF

With escalating energy requirements mounting across the world which has lead to a demand driven boom for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production services, there has never been a better time to develop more international partnerships.

The Oil & Gas Technology Forum (OGTF) provides such a link. OGTF 2011 will present the industry with the most effective platform for building continuous partnerships at a technical and strategic level.
This is an ideal opportunity to reach all those buyers and suppliers from across EMEA markets to share their experiences, either in the panel discussions and workshops or during the pre arranged face-to-face business meetings that will run throughout the Oil and Gas Technology Forum 2011.

The event will help the senior level executives take advantage of current trends and future growth opportunities to provide actionable advice on maximising the business value of investments in the Oil & Gas markets.
OGTF is an invitation-only event attracting a select group of C level executives across the industry, including VPs & Directors of Contract, Exploration, Drilling, Production, Procurement, Subbsea, and Business Development

More on the Oil&Gas Technology Forum

Where: Oil&Gas Technology Forum - Amsterdam
When: Friday 15th April 2011
Conference website: for more information and registration, please visit the Oil&Gas Technology Forum website.