Professional Services

Dedicated professional services are included with our products, to ensure that our clients get maximum benefit from our solutions. Our consultants are experienced professionals who keep implementation timescales as short as possible, while ensuring a very high level of user adoption and satisfaction.

Implementation Services

Each client has a dedicated consultant who will assist them during their entire use of our solution.

Our consultants are not only experienced in implementing IT solutions, but they also are very knowledgeable with regards to our clients' specific business challenges. Therefore your dedicated consultant will help you achieve a quick and efficient implementation of our solution, following a proven methodology, and ensuring our platform meets the specific requirements of your project and organization.

Training Services

We have developed a range of training services to ensure that users get up to speed with our solutions in the shortest possible time, and our clients achieve a faster return on their CTSpace investment.

We offer :

  • training courses for standard users
  • training courses for administrators
  • training courses for your internal Trainers

We can also build training schedules to meet your specific requirements.

We offer our training solutions either on-site in a traditional classroom mode, or a Web-Based solution which enables your project team to train at their own pace.

Strategic Services

Our team of industry and business process solution consultants bring their experience and expertise in recommending best practices to optimize your solution.

Examples of the services our consultants can offer guidance with include:

  • Business Process Optimization - optimization of your processes through the use of our business Intelligence collaboration technology
  • Measurement Metrics - follow the progress of, for example, document approvals or document production on the whole project (due date, remaining days, etc.)
  • Assistance to write your procedures

The advanced use of our solutions is a key factor in our client satisfaction. Our experienced team is available to assist you in these activities.

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