Enterprise Integration

The latest Internet technology is used throughout our solutions enabling an easy integration with other enterprise applications.  This is done using powerful APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and Web Services exchange protocols (such as REST).

For example, at any specific stage of a project, information produced in internal company systems can be automatically shared by all project members through the CTSpace on-demand document management platform.

These unique integration capabilities not only ease the user experience, by avoiding duplications, but also  increases the reliability of the information in use.

  • higher rate of adoption of the solution by all users
  • faster and more dependable decision making processes, enabled by reliable and up to date information
  • acceleration of the business processes

Our expert team of consultants is qualified to assist you in any of these approaches.

Many of our customers have already taken advantage of these capabilities by integrating CTSpace solutions with enterprise applications such as SAP®, Documentum®, Microsoft®, etc.

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