CTSpace has extensive experience in the transportation industry. Customers choose to implement our solutions because our software fulfills or exceeds all of their specific document management and workflow requirements. For example:

  • Strong industry expertise, with out-of-the-box project and process templates
  • A flexible and scalable solution that can be adapted to each phase of the project, from the preliminary studies to - the exploitation and maintenance of the network
  • Ease of use to guarantee immediate adoption by all users
  • A world-class SaaS infrastructure, enabling quick setup and deployment
  • A highly secure architecture that manages, in strict confidence, proposals/answers to PPP and tenders
  • Continuous access 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.



Investment in rail infrastructure, as well as in road and subways infrastructure, has risen dramatically in recent years in an environment of increased economic pressure, rising customer service expectation and complex regulatory compliance. This growth stems from worldwide economic growth, globalization, increasing urbanization, the maintenance, renovation, or replacement of ageing infrastructures, increasing transnational connections and the dearth of existing networks in emerging markets.

From the preliminary study phase to the construction phase, the list of task to be successfully complited to implement a new rail system is long. Whether it be the consultation meetings with the population, the seeking of impact minimization, or even the phasing of interventions, each of these tasks are critical. To be able to deliver the project on time and within budget is also critical, as well as to ensure the global control of the project. The control of all documents produced and information exchanged during the global project cycle is the first criteria leading to success.

The best way to eliminate these workflow issues is to commit to document management, business process management and project collaboration solutions: software and web-based platforms that can either build upon or replace existing workplace systems, and enhance efficiency and compliance without sacrificing ease-of-use.

CTSpace has established itself as a leading provider of document management, business process management and project collaboration solutions for the transportation industry. Our solutions enable transportation companies to reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies and minimize risk ensuring effective communication of key documents across the supply chain. The platform triggers the distribution of data and files using a structured, collective and centralized approach. As a result, key indicators for the companies using the software can be quickly accessed (full background information, easy tracking, action taken, etc). The data provided answers the questions – who did what and when did they do it?

With strong customer references, a core focus on railways, and global footprint and resources, CTSpace is the leading provider on Rail projects. To find out more, download our "Transport - Reference projects" brochure.

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RAILWAYS - working on over $14 billion worth of projects

Railways projects are, by nature, ambitious and complex, involving a wide range of different players across territories. The challenge is to link up all these players and enable them to share all the data in real time. One of the most difficult aspects of such a project is handling the thousands of documents involved.

Customers include RFF (French national rail network’s owner), with more than 10 billion euros of projects, including:

  • Rhine-Rhône High-Speed Line (HSL)(amount: €2.506b; delivery: 2011)
  • Brittany HSL (amount: €2.375b)
  • GPSO HSL (South-Western projects - amount: about €3b)
  • SEA HSL (South Europe Atlantic - 1st phase: €1.71 billion – delivery: 2013)

Projects conducted with CTSpace solutions also include the refurbishment of “Forth Rail” bridge (Amount: € 100 million – Delivery: 2009), etc.

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SUBWAYS - working on over €16 billion worth of projects

Projects conducted with CTSpace solutions: Station modernization and civil engineering works by Trans4m in UK, London Underground refurbishment (€11 billion), Extension of the B metro line of Lyon (2nd biggest subway network in France. Amount: €194 million – Delivery: 2013), Extension of the metro line number 12 in Paris [Amount: €295 million – Delivery: 2012], etc.

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ROADS - working on over $2 billion worth of projects

Projects conducted with CTSpace solutions include:

  • €1.2 billion A65 motorway in France by Eiffage and Sanef (delivery: end 2010)
  • various roads, motorway and tunnel projects worth €714 million in the UK by Balfour Beatty (A3, A120 roads; M77, M25 motorways, etc.)
  • East-West highway in Algeria by Egis Route (amount: €60 million)
  • etc.

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