Engineering & Construction

“When we pushed, they did not push back. took them as challenges to be met constructively and professionally. The challenge we gave was to continue to provide the engineering applications our engineers demanded but based on the FileNet P8 platform instead of the standalone Fusion document vault and core document management functions. Everyone had a lot at stake in this. There was no Plan B so we all had to make this work. As a result this was very much a collaborative joint effort, a far cry from the usual client-contractor kind of thing. really did deliver for us.” Marc-Henri Cerar, Manager of Project IT and Information Systems at AMEC Paragon

“I would like to commend your team at CTSpace for their hard work, professionalism and perseverance. The implementation was achieved on schedule, on time and on budget – an amazing job working to very tight timescales – tremendous credit. The staff has truly set the bar for delivering an exceptional customer experience and incredible project applications. We look forward to working with the CTSpace staff in the future.” Philip Gong - IT Project Manager, NRG Energy

“CTSpace did a great job implementing – they went above and beyond – they just hit curve balls right back. The real strength of the implementation team was that they really leveraged their experience in E&C.” Charles Hacket - Business Project Manager for EPC, NRG Energy

"When we're asked a question or need to resolve an urgent issue, we now have a centralized repository of real-time project data and documents to use and reference. All we need is an Internet connection and we can access the information almost instantly. This helps ensure that documents are routed efficiently and according to our predetermined business rules. Once our contractors and architects see how much time and frustration the system saves them it becomes much more than a 'forced' system - it's now a tool to help them do their work much more efficiently.  has always been very responsive to our requests, questions and suggestions. Their people are very knowledgeable about our industry, our business processes and the challenge we face. Having a seasoned and construction-savvy software partner has been a big plus." Nigel Nightingale, Director of construction for Lakes Entertainment

"CTSpace on-demand document management has performed so well that one of our goals is to leverage Collaboration Workspace as a tool to help us bring on board more clients with high-volume building programs. Bottom line: I can't imagine doing a large-scale program without a tool like Collaboration Workspace." Lanny McIntosh, founding principal of The McIntosh Group

"We have to work very closely with Lakes and about 30 additional consultants in this project. As the point person for RFIs and other documentation, I have to read, receive and distribute virtually all of the project's documentation. CTSpace allows me to manage this process much faster and with half the staff I would need if we were doing this manually." Peter Legeros, Associate in the Cunningham Group

"enabled us to reduce the cost of our bid submission by as much as 10%, by eliminating the need to replicate and distribute documentation to the bid team members." Iain Kent, Commercial Manager, AMEC - Construction Services Division

"Using Paragon is the first time we have been able to monitor all the cost and budget information in one place." John Mahon, Bechtel, Inc.

Paragon allows you to adjust the budget and track its evolution through documented changes so that a true history of the project can be kept and easily obtainable. The information you want is available to you in the format in which you want it with a click of the mouse." Tom Harper, URS Corporation

"Paragon has enabled us to better serve the client by addressing concerns of critical importance such as budget and funding allocation, and project timelines and deadlines, in a very timely manner." Fred Jordan, F.E. Jordan Associates

"In the old days, you'd send out a lot of information in all directors and hope it got to the right people at the right time, and to none of the wrong people. But with CTSpace, a project manager can gain one single view of his or her projects' health. And the information is totally secure. It's an excellent tool that really gives us the advantages we need and enables us to take on the kind of projects we want to take on." Bo Memhave, NNE Business Director and CIO

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"It used to take about a week each month to complete the progress payment invoices with documents passing between five people. Now, two or three people are able to complete this task in a couple of hours using Paragon." Kevin Canada, East Bay Municipal Utility District

"As an organization responsible for managing Scottish Water's Capital Works Program, we were looking for a sophisticated knowledge management solution that could bring together our 14 operational offices to collaborate quickly and easily. We chose the CTSpace solution because it was powerful enough to manage the asset data information for all 2,500 projects, was easy to use and fast to implement." Ewan Robertson, Head of Support Services, Scottish Water Solutions

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Oil, Gas, Energy & Chemical

""The value that CTSpace has delivered in terms of streamlined business process automation, improved execution and increased client satisfaction has been substantial." Stephen Kersch, head of Mustang's Project Information Management Group (2007)

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"This is a top-down initiative, and CTSpace provides the three A's we absolutely need: Access, Accountability and Project Audit trail. We expect this capability to substantially improve project delivery for the capital improvement program." Jack Hartman, Executive VP Construction, Chicago Transit Authority

"We believe strongly that web-based communications are indispensable to speeding the design and construction processes while at the same time improving quality. CTSpace provides a collaborative medium for the design and construction teams that has proven effective in dealing with project challenges in a fraction of the time that it used to take with conventional methods. In addition, it provides the capacity for auditing, accountability and accessibility that we need." Sharif Abou-Sabh, P.E. URS/O'Brien Kreitzberg's Program Manager

"We see much more accurate reporting with Paragon. we can combine various reports into one with the click of a mouse so we have all the data we need to make more informed decisions" Trey Seabrook, Dallas Area Rapid Transit

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Local Government & Public Sector

"Without the CTSpace solution, we could have drowned in a sea of paperwork. With over 50,000 drawings alone and 300 sub contractors to keep informed, the sheer volume of paperwork is immense." Roger Stone, Project Controls Manager, Aspire Defence

"This rolling agreement with CTSpace, which has the option to continue until 2011, provides an effective solution to streamline the procurement process, which is in line with the OGC best practice of transparency and auditability." Rob Edwards, Director of Turner & Townsend's Government Team

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"CTSpace enables simple document organization and a shared environment without constraints, neither geographical nor document size, as well as a more effective information exchange. Through its integration within our organization, and compliance with our business processes, the CTSpace solution allows us to enhance the quality of each of our transformation and refurbishment projects and we plan to store over 500,000 documents on the system. This solution will also help to provide global visibility over project progress while eliminating delays." Benoit Spaety, Real Estate Services Manager, IMEX Real Estate Services, BNP Paribas

"Paragon was the best among several program management software products that provided the data management, reporting and communication capabilities we needed to better manage our campus-wide construction program." Pollyanne Johnson, Florida International University

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