• New state-of-the-art, connect from anywhere, engineering collaboration solution
  • Provides a robust, secure central repository for all documentation accessible by all project participants
  • Enables the challenges of document control, collaboration and process consistency associated with complex construction projects to be managed with ease across all contracting parties
  • Comprising a wealth of outstanding document management, business process management, programme management, project collaboration and cost control management features
  • The result of 20 years construction domain expertise and customer feedback, bringing together the best from 13 years experience of designing the award winning web applications BuildOnline and Citadon CW
  • Revolutionary intuitive user interface, based on the most innovative technology available today
  • World Class Hosting offering the ultimate in performance, robustness, resilience and absolute data security
  • Available in 13 languages


  • All project participants can access project documentation.

  • Maintain the consistency of information across the project.

  • Keep a complete audit trail of project communication.

  • Dashboard and reporting to quickly view project progress.


FusionLive is our new state-of-the-art connect from anywhere engineering collaboration solution, specifically designed for the construction and engineering industries. As a new generation "Cloud” based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, FusionLive brings together the advanced document management features from the BuildOnline solution with the robust business processes of the Citadon CW solution, and makes them available through our new, revolutionary user interface, which utilises the most state-of-the-art technology available today.

FusionLive stands to revolutionise the content management industry with its combination of easy and quick deployablity, advanced yet simple-to-use interface, absolute data security, and an array of outstanding document management, business process management, program management and project collaboration features. This solution is the end result of 20 years construction domain expertise and 13 years experience designing web applications and incorporating customer feedback by CTSpace’s unparalleled technical team.

When integrated with FusionEnterprise, CTSpace’s on-premise document management and project collaboration suite, FusionLive provides an integrated, best practices environment that supports a project’s entire lifecycle: from design, through construction, and into operations and maintenance. Find out more about FusionEnterprise, our on premise Engineering Content Application enhancing your current ECM platform.

FusionLive helps ensure that even the most complex projects, which can involve geographically dispersed teams of people and hundreds of different document types, run smoothly providing secure, simple and rapid access to consistent documents and processes. FusionLive includes complete document and process management functions that ensure regulatory compliance and in addition maintains a comprehensive audit trail of activity.

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