Commercial Property

  • Faster completion times for key business processes such as document transmittals, approvals and change requests
  • Improved program / portfolio management supports strategic decision-making through issue tracking, schedule tracking, trend analysis, over/under budget analysis, cash-flow and exception reporting
  • Significantly fewer errors by ensuring that the latest released or in-work documents are always available. The majority of errors on construction projects stem from use of out- of- date documents
  • More transparency across the supply chain, with a detailed enterprise project audit trail of all actions performed by users, makes it easier to resolve disputes on the project
  • Lower overall project costs, as there is less re-work to carry out due to people having used incorrect information
  • Improved risk- management as it becomes much easier to see a snapshot of the status of outstanding actions on the project
  • A managed and controlled handover of all the required documentation, for either the asset owner or to the organization responsible for operations and maintenance.

The competition in the commercial property market has risen dramatically. Increased economic pressure, the need for worldwide collaboration, rising customer service expectation and complex regulatory compliance have driven this industry to the limit of cost efficiency, time saving and the need for document management.

During the whole project life cycle, optimization of communication and collaboration as well as supervision becomes invaluable. Enhancing performance, reducing delays and taking all opportunities in cost saving are critical to the project success. Whether it might be the instant cooperation of territorially dispersed teams, the obtaining of governmental survey or the turnkey hand over of a project to the next collaboration partner, all of the processes are critical. Therefore the control of all documents produced and information exchanged during the project cycle is the first criteria leading to success.

The best way to preclude these workflow issues, or to alleviate them (as is commonly the case) if they have already had a noticeable effect on both the quality and quantity of work, is to commit to document management, business process management and project collaboration solutions: software and web-based platforms that can either build upon or replace existing workplace systems and enhance efficiency and compliance without sacrificing ease-of-use.

As the only real global player within the Commercial Property industry, CTSpace is working together with leading general contractors as Strabag, Hochtief and Bilfinger Berger. The retail industry relies on our expertise with considerable clients like Carrefour, Hammerson, Migros, Wallmart, Asda, HUGO, Ikea and BNP Paribas. 

CTSpace solutions enable commercial property companies to share documents and data within a common and easy software system. By managing the data flow within a transparent and traceable document life cycle, CTSpace helps its clients to reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and minimise risk ensuring effective communication of key documents across the supply chain. The platform triggers the distribution of data and files using a structured, collective and centralized approach. As a result, key indicators for the companies using the solutions can be quickly accessed (full background information, easy tracking, action taken, etc). The data provided answers the question - who did what and when?

With the increased productivity brought by CTSpace, project delays are avoided. Up to 80% cost savings are feasible, when using our software solution as far as 30% time savings provided by the quick distribution and audit of documents.

With strong client references, a core focus on commercial property, and global footprint and resources, CTSpace is the leading provider on your projects.

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Urban Development

Hitting new standards and being on the cutting edge of architectural design is a major challenge as the demand for customized work and turnkey projects in urban development increases.  An ongoing communication process and access to the most up to date information is indispensable. 

Example of projects conducted with CTSpace solutions:

  • €2.5 billion 'Porta Nuova' program by Hines in Milan, Italy (duration: 2003 – 2010)
  • £1billion programme for the regeneration of the City of Sunderland (UK) over the next 15 years
  • € 960 million 'Palais Quartier' project by MAB Development in Frankfurt, Germany (duration: 2004 – 2009)
  • $ 660 million 'Al Houara Resort' project by Qatari Diar in Morocco (delivery: 2011)
  • € 250 million 'Floreasca City' Development by Raiffeisen Evolution in Bucharest, Romania (duration, 2008 – 2011)
  • 'Bülow Carré' project by Objektgesellschaft L21 in Stuttgart, Germany (Delivery: 2011)
  • etc. 

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A tight time schedule using a number of different sub teams on a project puts pressure collaboration and control. Newly arisen demands for green building technology that go beyond the pure construction challenge add a whole new challenge to this industry.

Example of projects conducted with CTSpace solutions:

  • €550 million 'Four Seasons Hotel' by Strabag in Moscow, Russia (duration: 2004 – 2008),
  • € 230 million 'Opernturm' project by Strabag in Frankfurt, Germany (duration: 2007 – 2009),
  • $400 million San Francisco Airport Extension by F.E. Jordan Associates Inc. in San Francisco, USA (delivery: end of 2001),
  • €100m ‘Highlight Business Towers' in Munich designed by the internationally renowned architects Murphy/Jahn
  • € 70 million Bahrain Airport Terminal by HOCHTIEF Facility Management (delivery: 2010),
  • Renovation Neckarvorland Building by MVV Energie AG in Mannheim, Germany (delivery: 2008)
  • etc.

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Shopping Centers & Retail

Tenant Build-Out and the challenge to finish on time for opening are demanding a full-information data structure, which is ready for external communication at any time of the project.

Examples of projects conducted with CTSpace solutions:

  • transformation and refurbishment programme of the 2,200 branches in France of the BNP Paribas Group
  • more than 100 construction projects worldwide for Swedish retail giant IKEA,
  • 15 shopping centers by Mayland Real Estate in Gdynia, Poland (delivery: 2010),
  • €330 million 'WESTside' shopping center for Migros by Strabag in Bern, Switzerland (delivery: end of 2008)
  • €150 million 'Rive Gauche' shopping center by Groupe SOCRI in Béziers (duration: 2005 - 2008),
  • Shopping center projects by Helical Poland in Poland (Delivery: 2010)
  • etc.

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  • Case study: MAB Development
  • Press Releases: BNP PARIBAS, IKEA,
  • Media coverage: Strabag  


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