CTSpace solutions help to:

  • Connect geographically dispersed teams to collaborate more effectively and share knowledge, ensuring they are all working from current versions of documents.
  • Streamline the approval processes to accelerate project completion and reduce operating costs.
  • Provide better visibility of progress across projects.
  • Provide a fully auditable tracking and reporting system to reduce risk.
  • Automate project work processes for greater time and resource efficiencies.
  • Reduce the time spent searching for documents through a structured information repository.


With the onset of deregulation or privatisation, the competitive landscape of the utility sector has changed significantly in the last few years. Many organizations have faced increased regulatory demands to improve efficiency and reduce costs in order to hit stakeholder and shareholder targets. As a result, many organisations in the sector are seeking to improve information management in order to help address these challenges. The utility industry has mainly to deal with projects facing maintenance and extension work. This goes along with lots of old documentation which has to be considered for new projects. In order to integrate old documents into a new product structure, new data and surveys have to be generated. Utility companies generate a wide range of document types including procedures, system descriptions, reports and reference materials, and these must be distributed both internally and externally across a supply chain that can extend to many thousands of users who all need to access key pieces of information.

The best way to preclude or alleviate these workflow issues if they have already had a noticeable effect on both the quality and quantity of work, is to commit to document management, business process management and project collaboration solutions: software and web-based platforms that can either build upon or replace existing workplace systems, and enhance efficiency and compliance without sacrificing ease-of-use.


CTSpace solutions

CTSpace has established itself as a leading provider of document management, business process management and project collaboration solutions, with extensive experience in the utilities sector.

By managing the data flow within a transparent and traceable document life cycle, CTSpace help its clients to reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies and minimise risk ensuring effective communication of key documents across the supply chain. The platform triggers the distribution of data and files using a structured, collective and centralized approach. As a result, key indicators for clients can be quickly accessed (full background information, easy tracking, action taken, etc). The data provided answers the question - who did what and when?

With strong customer references, a core focus on utilities, and global utilities footprint, CTSpace is the first provider on your projects.

Projects conducted with CTSpace solutions include:

  • 2,500 projects with Scottish Water Solutions in the UK (Amount: £ 1.8 billion)
  • £750 million Asset Management Plan 4 (AMP4) by Anglian Water Services in the UK (Duration: 5 years)
  • €596 million desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates by French utility company VEOLIA EAU
  • €150 million purification plant 'Les Grésillons' in France by Stereau (Duration 7 years)
  • $475 million wastewater treatment plant in New Cairo by Spanish utility company Aqualia  (20-year PPP contract includes a 2-year construction period starting in the fourth quarter of 2009)
  • etc.

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