Why CTSpace?

  • In-depth industry knowledge (20 years of experience in Engineering Document Management)
  • Rapid solutions deployment (only a couple of days for our Saas solutions)
  • Proven track record (13,000 projects across 56 countries are using our solutions)
  • Global presence and references (offices in 20 countries and operation in 37 countries)
  • Quality of our services (highly-experienced consultant team, with deep industry knowledge, locally-based and able to assist in 10 different languages)
  • Strong industry network (partnerships with major ECM providers and strong network of business partners throughout the world)

The Group maintains strong partnerships with major Enterprise Content Management (ECM) providers, including Microsoft (SharePoint) and IBM (FileNet). Our products significantly extend these systems as opposed to just interfacing to them.

CTSpace offers all the forms of deployment that a company might require. For those who wish to retain full control over the installations there is the option to take a product in-house. For those wishing to have the product hosted, this can be undertaken in-house or at our Data Centers.

Our solutions include the subscription option of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), enabling a project to be operational without the need to install the applications. This option provides low cost of ownership and avoids delays in procuring additional hardware, and it is ideal for projects where suppliers, partners and sub-contractors need to collaborate. Since the SaaS solution is outside any one company's firewall, main barriers to external collaboration are removed.

Security, which is critical in our SaaS solution, is provided through secure data centers in both the UK and the US. Some of CTSpace's clients use a hybrid approach, managing the internal project documents on their internal ECM system while using a SaaS solution to collaborate and share documents with external parties.

With over 13,000 projects in 56 countries, CTSpace is experienced at providing global support for international projects and organizations. Multi-language support is available along with an extensive network of offices and technical staff to assist with implementations worldwide.

CTSpace's stability as a company is underpinned by our size, financial strength and growth; key factors in selecting the Idox Group as your long-term business partner.

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