• A specialist Engineering Application for your that works hand-in-hand with your current ECM platform
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership
  • Quick deployment of document control and automation of business process
  • Enforces compliance to corporate and governmental standards
  • Improves efficiency with instant access to information about your asset
  • Enhances safety, providing instant access to information in cases of a safety breach
  • Retains knowledge about the plant through effective records management

Most enterprises, asset owners and operators, have installed an Enterprise Content Management system within the last 5 years. Some are small departmental deployments whereas others are enterprise wide. Popular ECM platforms provide excellent core content management functions but often fall short of the demanding requirements of the more technical parts of the business.

FusionEnterprise is a specialist Content Application for your Capital Projects and Operations that works hand-in-hand with your current ECM platform. It has been specifically designed to manage engineering documentation in the context of a construction project or operating plant or facility. It enables organisations to automate everyday document control operations and document-centric business processes using a standard web browser.

FusionEnterprise is compatible with all major ECM systems: see our Mult-ECM press release for more information.

Without a solution like Fusion Enterprise, organisations often need to invest in significant tactical customisations to their ECM platform and incur a heavy total cost of ownership to maintain them over time. Fusion Enterprise reduces the total cost of ownership because it is a solution based upon standard application software.

Fusion Enterprise supplements an organisation’s chosen ECM system with modules that optimise the business processes of an enterprise from top-to-bottom, from project management to workflow management. These modules integrate seamlessly with the native ECM platform, allowing project participants to work in a familiar environment while lowering implementation costs and eliminating the need for extra training time.

The content generated and used by Fusion Enterprise is stored in your ECM platform and can be searched using your Enterprise Search and Business Intelligence tools. Fusion Enterprise adds a rich set of Engineering Content functionality that applies across the whole spectrum of your asset lifecycle.

Key application modules:

  • Project Management Integration
  • Document Lifecycle
  • Transmittals
  • Document Distribution
  • Document Relationships
  • CAD Drawing Management
  • Alerts & Warnings
  • EAM Integration
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Document Viewing, Markup & Approval
  • Workflow Management
  • Change Control
  • Batch Import & Export
  • PDF Generation


Find out more: download our "Fusion Enterprise Overview" datasheet!


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Fusion Enterprise: a seamless integration with all the major ECM systems on the market, and a complete integration with a dynamic Cloud-based Document Management & Project Collaboration solution (FusionLive)

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