Solutions overview

Key benefits:
  • Manage engineering documentation in the context of a construction project or operating plant or facility
  • Quick deployement of document control and automation of business process
  • Improve efficiency with instant access to information about your asset or project
  • Enhanced ability to manage schedules and risks
  • Enforce compliance to corporate and governmental standards


CTSpace provides document management and collaboration workflow applications for the construction and engineering industry that increase the efficiency and reduce the risks in managing a built asset throughout its entire lifecycle.

Our solutions are used by organizations involved in project management, engineering design, construction management, and facilities maintenance. Our solutions are well-represented in the areas of Oil & gas (exploration, recovery, and refining), Energy & power generation (nuclear, alternative, and conventional), Transportation (design and management of light and heavy rail systems), Utilities (power and water distribution), Commercial Property (offices building, hotels, shopping centers, pharma- ceutical plants, etc.) and Government (school districts, hospitals, government facilities, etc.)

Business challenges

The business challenges facing both Owner Operators, AECs (Architects, Engineering, Contractors) and EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, Construction contractors) include:

  • Increased complexity
  • A greater number of sub-contractors and partners
  • Increasingly aggressive project timescales and budgets
  • Compliance pressures
  • Rise in cost of claims compounded with tougher penalty clauses for overruns
  • Increased need for real time business intelligence

CTSpace offers innovative business improvement solutions in all these areas, with a best practices environment that supports a project’s entire lifecycle: from design, through construction, and into operation/maintenance.

CTSpace, a global leader in Engineering & Project Content Management


CTSpace is unique in offering both online software as a service (SaaS) solutions and on premise enterprise solutions that leverage an organizations existing investment in leading ECM platforms:
  • FusionLive is our new Cloud-based Document Management & Project Collaboration solution, specifically designed for the construction and engineering industries. As a new generation Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, FusionLive brings together advanced document management features from the BuildOnline solution with the robust business processes of the Citadon CW solution, while upgrading our user interface to the most state-of-the-art technology available today. It is hosted at several secure Data Centres around the world. It offers low cost of ownership and the system can be implemented within 24 hours. It takes literally minutes for any new organisation to start collaborating on a project.
  • FusionEnterprise are on premise Document Management & Engineering Collaboration solutions that focus on enhancing an organisation's chosen Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system such as IBM FileNet®, EMC Documentum®, Microsoft SharePoint®, Open Text LiveLink®, or CTSpace’s Cimage®.
  • Paragon is the leading owner-focused cost control system for construction and engineering programmes available as Software as a Service (SaaS). Paragon's capabilities include funding management, project cost control management, deadlines adherence, and communications.

When deployed in unison, our solutions provide an integrated, best practices environment that supports a project’s entire lifecycle: from design, through construction, and into maintenance.

A seamless integration with all the major ECM systems on the market, and a complete integration with a dynamic Cloud-based Document Management & Project Collaboration solution

The singular content agnostic FusionEnterprise integrates seamlessly with all the major ECM systems on the market. Among other benefits this uniform format provides the user with a “greatest hits” of features derived from the former suite and a complete integration with CTSpace’s dynamic Cloud-based Document Management & Project Collaboration solution FusionLive.




Architects, engineers and contractors are more effectively managing programmes and projects by using our solutions, with benefits such as:

  • Improved project communication
  • Full transparency across the project
  • Enhanced ability to manage schedules and risks
  • Improved regulatory compliance

Design phase:

CTspace solutions provide a controlled environment for engineering content management that will make an organization’s development lifecycle significantly quicker.

Fusion Enterprise products provide engineering and drafting teams the functionality they need to successfully leverage an organization’s generic document management system into a configuration management system for engineering projects. The provided functionality allows for: robust version control, the management of relationships between engineering documents, the management of compound drafting files, engineering document collaboration, and document viewing and markup.

CTSpace’s online offerings allow engineering development consortiums to quickly deploy a state of the art engineering content management solution without any IT investment. Engineering teams from multiple organizations can come together via the extranet to collaborate on engineering content in a secure and controlled environment.

Fusion Enterprise customers can leverage the on-line offerings to extend engineering content collaboration to external partners without impacting the integrity of the internal enterprise document management system.

Construction phase:

CTspace’s online solutions can be quickly configured to facilitate the implementation of a construction project’s quality plan. By improving the accuracy and accountability around processes supporting the quality plan, organizations have significantly reduced their construction costs.

Construction documents are distributed via a secure and controlled environment. Policies, processes and procedures can be quickly translated into paperless forms and workflows that are easily integrated across the multiple organizations normally involved in a construction project. The logging, creation, distribution, tracking, and response to: bid packages, RFIs, change requests, change orders, issues logs, etc. are performed on-line.

The Paragon Cost Management System allows owners and programme/project managers the ability to track actual costs against a budget. Reporting tools help keep projects on track financially by comparing actual results to predicted results for a given project milestone.

Maintenance/Operation phase:

CTspace solutions provide a controlled environment to manage the configuration of an existing facility. The as built configuration is used for ongoing engineering support, general maintenance, regulatory compliance, and disaster recovery.

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