Industries overview

CTSpace has extensive experience across a global range of construction & engineering industries. Our solutions are used by market leading companies across industries such as Oil, Gas & Energy, Transportation, Utilities, Commercial Property and Government organizations. To find out how we enable your industry, click on the top banner or on the links below.

Oil, Gas & Energy: In the current state of the energy industry, where, adding to the existing complexities of running a vast, capital-intensive operation in which many of the key players are offsite, project managers and facility operators have had to adjust, still while adhering to increasingly stringent regulations... Read more

Transportation: Investment in rail infrastructure, as well as in road, tramways and subways infrastructure, has risen dramatically in recent years in an environment of increased economic pressure, rising customer service expectation and complex regulatory compliance...Read more

Utilities: With the onset of deregulation or privatisation, the competitive landscape of the utility sector has changed significantly in the last few years. Many organizations have faced increased regulatory demands to improve efficiency and reduce costs in order to hit stakeholder and shareholder targets... Read more

Commercial Property: The competition on the commercial property market has risen dramatically. Increased economic pressure, need for worldwide collaboration, rising customer service expectation and complex regulatory compliance have driven this industry to the limit of cost efficiency, time saving and need for document controlling... Read more

Government: The procurement and management of public tenders are complex activities that require strict attention to detail and clear communications between all organisations involved. It is in the interest of the asset owners to put tools into place which allow the progress of activities and exchanges of information to be tracked... Read more

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