FL Mobile - iPhone integration

Access you project information from wherever you are directly from you iPhone!

FL Mobile - intégration iPhone

FL Mobile, developed by Saturated Colors, is the first iOS application available for FusionLive users from Sword-CTSpace.

With FL Mobile you can now access your project documents from wherever you are directly from your iPhone. You can upload a photo you have just taken and make it available for all the project participants instantly.

With FL Mobile, you can :

  • access all your workspaces
  • navigate between workspace folders in accordance with your permissions
  • open iPhone compatible files like word, excel, powerpoint, pdf
  • bookmark folders and make documents instantly available for offline access
  • upload photos directly from the device (only in categories with no reference protocol)
  • access contact details of all project participants - call or email them directly
  • copy project participants contact details into your address book

FL Mobile is an application developed by a third party editor thanks to our FusionLive "Developer API" - find out more.

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