FusionLive - Web Services API

FusionLive has an open API (Application Programming Interface) and Web Services that facilitates integration with external applications.

Our development kit allows:

1) Integration between FusionLive and internal applications, for instance:

  • integration with an internal Document Management System (this could be required by an important Engineering company in the Energy Industry)
  • integration with a internal business-specific tool (this may be an internal control process system)
  • integration with a internal planning & scheduling solution (this could be required by an asset owner from the banking industry for example)

2) The development of new add-ons for FusionLive

  • Developers and editors can obtain our API development kit to develop further applications for FusionLive. If you are interested, please contact us here.
  • If you have developed a new application and you would like to consider integrating with FusionLive, let us know !

Examples of add-ons for FusionLive:

Developed by CTSpace:

Developed by external developers:

  • iPhone integration: Read more
  • Single Sign-On (to sign-on to all your web-based applications in a secure way in just one click) Read more
  • ... and many more applications soon to be launched !
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