FusionLive Desktop

FusionLive Desktop integrates FusionLive with Windows Explorer. It allows fast and easy access to all documents stored in a FusionLive workspace without having to connect to the FusionLive web platform. No need to open your browser or identify yourself : you can navigate through your workspace as if you were looking for a file on your hard drive. This new module accelerates FusionLive adoption by all the members of the project team.


With over a decade of use in the SaaS collaboration market and extensive industry experience, a survey realised that only 20% of the users were using the advanced features and functionalities in the application, while 80% were only using the system to view or download documents.

CTSpace developed a tool enabling the integration of the FusionLive Document Management System with the well-known Microsoft Windows environment, further enhancing the ease of access to project documentation for all users.


FusionLive Desktop integrates the FusionLive platform with Microsoft Windows Explorer. The module connects directly to the platform over an internet connection.Since all FusionLive security protocols are enforced, you must identify yourself with your login and password before you can access any of your workspaces. All your workspaces are available in a standard Microsoft Explorer® window. You can navigate through FusionLive as easily as you would navigate through your own desktop. All of your actions will be recorded in the system audit trail.

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FusionLive Interface & Windows Interface (FusionLive Desktop)

Benefits :
  • Instant access to the FusionLive documents
  • A familiar environment (Windows Explorer)
  • Reduces time to access and download documents (up to 5 times faster)
  • Drives quick adoption for certain Team Members
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