FusionLive - Outlook & MS Office integration

FusionLive Office Integration combines FusionLive with MS Office suite tools !

This integration includes:

  • A plug-in for Outlook that enables the direct upload of emails, attachments and documents from Microsoft Outlook into FusionLive. This plug-in also enables the creation of a new FusionLive message from within Outlook.

SaaS Project Collaboration and Construction Document Management Software

  • A plug-in for Microsoft Office suite (2003 and 2007 versions) that enables the registration of all Excel, Word or PowerPoint files into your FusionLive workspace, from within the respective application. As ever, all the permissions and audit trails are controlled by the FusionLive platform.

State-of-the-art SaaS Collaboration Interface

This plug-in is an ideal complement to FusionLive Desktop, an add-on application that enables navigation through the FusionLive workspaces and folders using the standard Windows Explorer interface with no need to open your browser and input your credentials. Read more

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