FusionLive - Automatic Document Distribution and Transmittals

A new module to simplify project document distribution (Paper & Digital)

Modern day construction and engineering projects are under ever increazing pressure to meet tight execution deadlines and cost constraints. As such, supply chains must become ever more focused on the tasks and deliverables associated with their specific role on projects. The distribution and exposure of information to project participants, information that is related to them and their defined role on a project, has traditionally been a laborious, often manual task with a high administration overhead.

Using the auto distribution module, FusionLive automates document distribution to reduce information turnaround times, reduce and manage risks and inevitably reduce overhead costs. This new module allows users to maximize their use of the FusionLive system on large projects by enabling them to manage document distribution automatically, whether in paper or digital form.

This new module speeds up document distribution tasks (carried out according the roles of each user) and avoids human error.

To read more, download our Automatic Document Distribution and Transmittals brochure.

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