FusionLive - Programme Management

A single environment enabling project teams to plan, manage and execute multiple concurrent projects.
The FusionLive Programme Management module is particularly adapted for the management of multiple, identical projects operated on standardised processes: it provides a single and secure environment to enable project teams to execute, manage and plan a large number of concurrent projects, such has Commercial properties development, Shopping centres, Banking/Insurance retail networks, Shops or Restaurants chains, or Telecommunication networks deployment.
Project managers and operational teams can work on the same platform and access a real-time snapshot overview of all their running projects.

Key benefits include:
  • Real-time visibility on the complete portfolio of projects
  • Standardised across projects where processes are key to business scalability
  • A single environment to execute, manage and monitor projects
  • Rapid communication with internal and external project teams
  • Allowing managers to forecast the expected workload for their teams
  • Predefined project types can be created to enable quick project kick-off
  • Custom to-do lists and task reminders
  • Improved visibility, control and problem diagnosis - reduced delays


Philippe Cimon, Organisation & Quality Manager, IMEX Real Estate Services, BNP Paribas


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